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Aqua Speed PULL BOY

Aqua Speed PULL BOY
Aqua Speed PULL BOY
Aqua Speed PULL BOY
Aqua Speed PULL BOY
Aqua Speed PULL BOY
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  • Model: AQ161
  • Barcode: 5908217656414

Product description

Designed to relieve the pressure on the swimmer's legs due to its buoyancy, the Aquaspeed ÓSEMKA "3" allows you to focus entirely on upper body training. Held between the thighs, the ÓSEMKA "3" helps to consolidate the correct position and movement of the arms during swimming, increase the strength and endurance of the arms and train the correct way of breathing while swimming . ÓSEMKA "3" Aquaspeed is a top-quality product made of dense, highly durable EVA foam that guarantees high product durability and optimal performance in the water.


The most important features of the training buoy Ósemka "3" Junior:

  • Ideal for improving position in the water
  • Supports the body so that the swimmer can focus on the arm work itself
  • Made of durable EVA foam
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Appropriately profiled shape increases its streamlining

Dimensions: 10 x20 x 8,5 cm

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