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GNP Super Nano Bore cleaning foam 200ml

GNP Super Nano Bore cleaning foam 200ml
GNP Super Nano Bore cleaning foam 200ml
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BORE CLEANING FOAM cleaning foam to removes carbon, copper, lead, zinc, perfectly cleans the inside of the barrel in 10 minutes. Highly effective formula quickly and safely cleans the barrel. The product does not contain ammonia and does not emit toxic fumes, does not ignite. Safe to use indoors especially when toxic fumes are an issue. Meets all industry standards for small arms maintenance. It is harmless on metal, wood, paint, varnish, ceramics, rubber, plastic.

AREA FOR USE: Op rod, barrel hood, cam pin, open ejection port, slide rail groove, center rail, action spring and other movable parts.

PROPERTIE: From the moment of contact, active ingredients foam permeate into metal surfaces and micro cracks. Carbon, copper, lead, zinc are separated from the metal, where the cleaner dissolves and suspends the debris. As you wipe away the debris, a thin layer of protective oil is left on the barrel, protecting it from corrosion.


  • Non-flammable.

  • Ammonia, alcohol, abrasive solids free.

  • Cleans and repels dirt and carbon.

  • Harmless to the shooter.

  • Will for home not damage use. Steel, aluminum, chrome, nickel.

  • Suitable for all types of firearms and air/gaspowered weapons.

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