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Brand: AMILA Model: 90701
A more pleasant way of training compared to traditional weights and suitable for all exercisers from beginners to advanced. By performing explosive movements, they can improve overall athletic performance. Also, it is an ideal accessory for recovery, as it is easier to handle than dumbbells. By cho..
Brand: ARENA Model: 95232-15
Maximum water resistance to improve your strenght and technique Contoured hand paddle, for a natural, secure and comfortable fit Multiple strap positioning makes them easy to wear Assists with stroke technique (catch and pull), bringing to surface bad habits PVC free arena exclusive  ..
Basketball AMILA ball 0BB-41516 (N.7) Basketball AMILA ball 0BB-41516 (N.7)
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Brand: PHELPS Model: ST118EU4010
Swimming paddles ideal for water activities. Adjustable by wide strap. Measurements:           Small fit: 15,5 cm x 19 cm.           Regular fit: 18,5 cm x 22,5 cm. Rubber frame th..
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