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Brand: ASG Model: 17526
The CZ75 SP – 01 SHADOW is an exciting new CO2 airgun based on the latest generation of pistols from CZ. It has a fixed shutter, is  light and easy to use. The  ergonomic rubber grip with the anti-slip pattern provides a good  grip . It has a  fiber optic front si..
Brand: ASG Model: 16553
Pistol that works with CO2 ampoule (12gr)  and shoots round metal balls with a diameter of 4.5mm. Externally synthetic material of very good quality, internally all functional components (Valve, Barrel, Trigger, etc.) are metal. Exact copy of the real in design and volume with the prints ..
Brand: ASG Model: 18101
Air pistol with a 2.5″ rifled barrel that fires 4.5mm lead projectiles. The projectiles are placed in front of the shells and then the shells in the mill. The CO2 propellant gas in a 12gr ampoule placed in its handle. This silver 2.5 inch revolver licensed from Dan Wesson offers realist..
Brand: ASG Model: 16088
Airgun Pistol operating with carbon dioxide (CO2) ampoule. It accepts a 19-shot magazine and throws metal beads (BB's) with a diameter of 4.5mm. Fiber optic shooter, ergonomic handle, has a base (rail) under the barrel for lens adjustment, easy placement of the ampoule, the magazine comes out ..
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